Automated Plating Line Manufacture Display


Sintop has own Automated Plating Line to undertake mass production orders.

Sintop produces 130-150 plated containers every year, most of our chrome plated product are  destined to the United States. The main products sush as below:

Commercial Grade Steel Clothing Rack

4 Arm Clothing Gondola Display Stand

T MINI SLAT Rotatable Display Fixtures

Chrome plated products are very valuable, they have shiny appearance, stable structure, no rust surface, and are very popular in the market.

Let show you the advantage of Automated Plating Line:

1. High degree of automation, high efficiency, reduced labor intensity, and fewer operators;

2. Lever type vertical lift, high utilization rate of plating tank capacity;

3. The exposure time is short, the workpiece runs smoothly, and the time for each arm is about 20-100s;

4. It is suitable for plated light-duty mechanical annular electroplating production line (commonly known as hanging fish type) with high requirements for plated quality, large batches, single shape and mature technology. Because of its cheap price, light weight, easy maintenance and high output, it has a great market.

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