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Electric Price Tag

Electronic price tag, also called Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), is an electronic display device with the function of sending and receiving information. It is mainly used in electronic labels that display price information in supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies. Placed on the shelf, it can replace the electronic display device of traditional paper price labels. Each electronic shelf label is connected to the computer database of the shopping mall through a wired or wireless network, and the latest product information is displayed on the screen on the electronic shelf label. The electronic shelf label actually successfully incorporates the shelf into the computer program, getting rid of the situation of manually changing the price label, and realizing the price consistency between the cashier and the shelf


1.Fast and accurate price display to improve customer satisfaction
2.More functions than paper labels (eg: display promotion logo, multi-currency price, unit price, stock quantity, etc.)
3.Reduce paper label production and maintenance costs
4.Eliminate technical obstacles to actively implement price strategies
5.Unified online and offline product information

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