Screen Player for store fixtures


Screen Player:

The LCD advertising machine uses an LCD display to play video advertisements, which is 
especially suitable for the comprehensive multimedia technology of high-end brands to
deliver a full range of product information and promotional information to consumers.
Improve the display rate and display effect of products in sales terminals, and
stimulate impulse purchases. It is placed next to the products in the store and can
be automatically opened for publicity. Compared with other traditional media and promotion
methods, the investment is extremely low and the cost performance is extremely high.

1.Accurate target audience: target audiences who are about to buy
2.Strong anti-interference: consumers enter the supermarket to buy products, and
their attention is on the shelves
3.Exemption of modification fees: Any previous advertising forms, including printed
matter, have fees for modifying content, which can effectively cooperate with TV
advertisements (1% TV advertising costs, 100% deepening TV advertising effects.)
It can be consistent with the content of TV advertisements, and it can be sold at the
same time. In the important link of the terminal, continue to guide consumers to buy
4.Longer advertising period: It can be carried out continuously for a long time, and it
can be advertised next to the product 365 days a year, and no manual maintenance
is required, the cost is extremely low, the audience is extremely wide, and the cost
performance is extremely high
5.Easy to update: can remotely control multiple advertising machines for online
synchronous update.

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