• T MINI SLAT Rotatable Display Fixtures

    T MINI SLAT Rotatable Display Fixtures

    The T-mini slat display fixture is widely used in supermarket and shopping mall and other retail areas. This display stand is multifunctional, it easy to fit hooks, faceout, brackets, shelves and much more, you are able to change merchandises quickly with these accessories. Slatwall is made of aluminum, it's durable but light. Many of our customers choose this kind product to display different merchandises. We ship about 1000pcs every month for this item. It's really hot.

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  • Earring Slatwall Tower Display Spinning Rack

    Earring Slatwall Tower Display Spinning Rack

    This slatwall tower dipslay is really nice design. It's like a real tower. The slatwall with wire handle to make customer spin the display very convenient. When we discuss this project with customer at begaining, they have a little bit concern for our design. As they only have rough drawings and some pixtures and don't know if we can handle it for them. Our stronge engineer team proved that we not only can do it, we can do it perfect. Customer said our products are as good as our workers.

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  • Four Sides Tower Display Slatwall Fixture

    Four Sides Tower Display Slatwall Fixture

    This slatwall tower fixture is easy to add different baskets, hooks, faceout, and much more. You are able to advertise kinds of products to attract eyeballs. This four way slatwall display is not only display merchandises on four sides but also has storage function. The display fixture inside with four shelves to make you can stock kinds of merchandise. It's really a useful display for retailer. The metal frame is chrome plated to make fixture twinkling. Sintop has our own chrome plating line for both manul and automatic. We can do nickle, brushed nickle, chrome, brushed nickle, mirror chrome and so on. High quality to make our plated products are very popular in all over the world.

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  • 2 Way Aluminum Slatwall Display Stand

    2 Way Aluminum Slatwall Display Stand

    This slatwall display stand features a double-side design that allows customers to look at the products from different sides. The wood slatwall with aluminum inserts allow a quick change like wire baskets, hooks, brackets and much more. This slatwall fixture is suitable for the retailer of fashion accessories and jewellery.

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