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3 Tiers Wire Basket Display Stand

Three-tier displays are popular in retail stores, shipping malls and supermarkets.Diversified use functions, you can display clothes, shoes, gifts, Christmas gifts here.
Three-layer wire rack, can freely adjust the position of the wire rack, large capacity, square design, let customers see the product from different angles.The design of KD structure greatly saves transportation cost.

3 Tiers Wire Basket Display Stand

3 Tiers Wire  Basket  display Stand

bagged snacks display rack

Overall dimension is 590x355x1406mm,Black powder coating.

products features

1. There are three layers, each layer of weld 1PCS C channel, can display the graph here.

2.This Rack is KD design ,very small value for shipping.

3.The rack is hollow out on four sides that allows customers to look at the products from different sides.


Shipping Mall/Supermarket/ Retails shop


1.Open design is available.

2.Easy set up and dismount

3.24/7 service

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