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Starter Acrylic Gondola Shelving With Slots

Brand OEM

Product origin China

Delivery time 28 days

Supply capacity 10000pcs/month

This acrylic shelving gondola is really impressed. Both our customer and Sintop paid much time on creating this product. Client only has rough idea for what they want. It's honor to say Sintop team has rich experience in designing all kinds of display fixture. The design of this product is satisfying client very much. The reason is, this check-out gondola use in checking line, clients is easy to pick up much more merchandises when they check out. It's really great to increase sales.
Due to it's a very good fixture to increase sales, this shelving is sales like hot cake. We export about $100.00 every year for this products.

Starter Acrylic Gondola Shelving With Slots
  1. Overal size of this starter Acrylic Gondola Shelving  is 177"x56"x30", this is the 6 section size.

  2. Retail store shelving display every section is 29", each section is exchangeable, you can add on or reduce section based on your store size.

  3. Frosted Acrylic panel with slots to allow to add wire baskets, hooks, brackets and etcs.

  4. This acrylic gondola fixture is popular used on checking line in store to sale more merchandises.

  5. The retail store shelving display uprights with slots to fit shelves very well. One uprigh can fit two shelves.

  6. Open design is available.

  7. Easy set up and dismount

  8. 24/7 service

Supermarket acrylic gondola

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